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Proton Saga FL 2011 3d Model obj file ready for download!!

The Proton Saga FL 2011 3d model is now available for download in .obj file format. Feel free to download!!!

Proton Saga FL 2011 .obj file Specifications:

(Ordinary Proton wing grill, Simple Savvy/Saga BLM dashboard with Satria Neo Steering Design, 5 lug 10 twist-spoke 16′ inch sport rims, Mitsubishi Evo Rear Spoiler, Front, Side and Rear Fancy Skirting, Side Door Moulding)

Obj file with over 550,000 faces, 39MB

Download link ->


Proton Saga FL Iswara II 2011 3d model by Fridzmax

Salam..The new Saga is finished. For this time, I try to make small revolution on present Proton Saga FL 2011 and to unveil the legendary of the first Proton car ever made. The 20 years old Proton Saga Iswara is then revolved to be a new generation Iswara under Saga FL bodyline..

Here comes the Saga Iswara II..No major restyling on present Saga FL. Only a small portion of redesigned front grill that nearly similar as previous Iswara. Added with 5 lugs, 16 inch 10 spoke alloy rim with twist-spoke like Kia Forte.

There also a set of rendered photo showing the regular Saga FL.

Thats all. Thank you..

Proton Saga FL 2011 3d Model 3DS Max (WIP)

Update 25 June 2011

Here comes the first render of my Proton Saga FL 2011.

Just wait on my New Proton Saga Iswara 2011..Thanks


Salam.  Finally I manage to get out from busy June 2011..For now, I am ‘getting into’ my Proton Saga FL. Let the New Saga Begin..

As for the extra thingy..Proton Satria Neo S2000 Low Poly .3ds file is now available for download!!!! For those who are playing with Zmodeller, you may try this one for your Need For Speed Underground 2..(link attached)