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Proton Saga FL 2011 3d Model 3DS Max (WIP)

Update 25 June 2011

Here comes the first render of my Proton Saga FL 2011.

Just wait on my New Proton Saga Iswara 2011..Thanks


Salam.  Finally I manage to get out from busy June 2011..For now, I am ‘getting into’ my Proton Saga FL. Let the New Saga Begin..

As for the extra thingy..Proton Satria Neo S2000 Low Poly .3ds file is now available for download!!!! For those who are playing with Zmodeller, you may try this one for your Need For Speed Underground 2..(link attached)


IT’S RALLY TIME!!! – Proton Satria Neo S2000 and Gr N2 Rally Car in 3ds Max


2 more days to go. The Asia Pacific Rally Championship 2011 will be held in Johor and Tai Tak Estate, Kota Tinggi to be exact this 1-3 April 2011.  Just to show my latest render of two Satria Neos that will compete in APRC 2011 this weekend. Yes, there are factory backed team Proton Satria Neo S2000 and the Japanese tuned junior rally car, the Proton Satria Neo Cusco N2 Rally car.

This is Proton Satria Neo S2000 that piloted by Chris Atkinson in Rally Monte Carlo 2011.

First render photo is made using mental ray with mr photometric exposure control with some minor arrangement. Simple Omni lighting setup and FG density of 0.8 and 2000 rays per FG.

Another render photo is the Proton Satria Junior Rally car. Piloted by Akira Bamba that will be seeding number 16 for this weekend APRC 2011 rally in Johor. I use same render setup for this model with some Omni light management. This rally car model equipped with tarmac tire that have been showcased in Tokyo Motorshow previously. The upcoming tire setting for this weekend rally is would be dirt 15′ tire fore sure.

Those who are interested on getting this 3d model, I have upload this Satria Neo S2000. Please download from

Its for free

There you can see the interior setting of my Satria Neo S2000. Simple dash, roll cage and bucket rally seat. You also get the highly detailed tire model with 11 spokes standard tarmac rally sport rim.

Finally, I like to invite all of you to get to Johor Bahru, Malaysia to watch APRC 2011 live. Thanks..

Proton Satria Neo S2000 3ds Max

Salam..For the time being, I am working with my brand new Proton Satria Neo S2000 and Neo CPS. While the CPS version is still under construction (the front and rear bumper), after having searching around the web, where can I learn to make a realistic render image. At last, I found something very useful for my 3d knowledge.

This time, after learning something from the website, , I have made a set of render trial for my Neo S2000.

Scanline RendererThe above render photo was made using basic light tracer setup. I just add a Target Direct lamp, and a little adjustment on Bounces 1-2, Rays/Sample 300-500, and Color Bleed 2-3. Just bare in your mind, the higher amount you set for these parameters, your rendering time will increase.

The next render photo was made using default Skylight, Scanline Renderer. Looks so dull and noise everywhere.

Skylight - default

Satria Neo S2000 3ds Max specifications:

Editable Poly/Mesh in 3ds/obj file format.

Over 818k of total faces. (How can I drop this to 400k?)