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New Perodua Myvi Extreme 2011 : The design that Perodua can’t ever made.


I am proudly present, the new rendering of my Perodua Myvi 2011, the  Myvi Pure Extreme 2011. (Haha, just like incoming Myvi Extreme). The design that Malaysian car assembler Perodua can’t ever made.

This Myvi is designed to be more solid and behold the European feels. Inspired from my dream new Fiat Punto Evo Abarth 2011, this ordinary feminine Myvi  2011 turn to be a sporty hatch.

For now, I have rendered it into two color scheme; white and red livery (above) inspired from Abarth and metallic yellow (below) as you found at Renault Sport Megane.

The Wheels Design:

10 branched spoke from Fiat Punto Evo Abarth 2011.

Please note that all of my artwork are designed and rendered using 3ds Max 2009 software.

Please reply if you want this new bumper and wheels to be added as free download item.


Perodua Myvi 2011 .max file sedia untuk download!!!


Khas kepada yang berminat untuk mendapatkan 3d model Perodua Myvi 2011/Toyota Passo 2010. Model ini telahpun dimuat naik. Kali ini saya sediakan fail berbentuk .max file bagi memberi kebebasan kepada pengguna untuk mengubah suai model 3d asas ini mengikut citarasa masing2.

Model ini didatangkan dengan editable poly berkoordinat x,y,z: 0,0,0.

Sila klik di pautan untuk memuat turun.

Jika anda seorang yang selalu mengutuk rekaan kereta tempatan, apakata anda serlahkan bakat anda mengubah suai Myvi ini. Bagaimana? Ada berani? Heheh


Lagi 3d model untuk dimuat turun: Klik

Perodua Myvi GTI by Fridzmax


Here comes the new facelift of our future Perodua Myvi 2011. The Perodua Myvi GTi 2011. I am using 3d modeled honeycomb front grill for the the first time. Looks promising instead of using opacity mapping honeycomb pattern. Enjoy the photo. Thanks.

New Perodua Myvi 2011 in 3ds Max

Salam. While Myvi 2011 is about to launch, I just finished my Myvi 2011 in 3ds max. The final render is not complete yet. But I try to show my Myvi 1st before Perodua do.

I have tweak the front end of this Myvi. The headlamp, grill, fender and hood still remain original. This design is so inspired from Citroen DS3 R3. The wheel arc and rear spoiler are directly taken from my Satria Neo S2000.

The photo themselves are rendered using Mental Ray with photometric light exposure control. The set up is very simple (near to default setting).

Another photo added on 19th Mar 2011. Dream on Myvi going to be a rally car. Just dreaming..huhu

That’s all. Thanks and Salam.

Cetakan biru bagi Perodua Myvi 2010 3ds Max diatas berasaskan model Toyota Passo 2010. Telahpun dikemaskini di galeri.

P2 Viva, D Cuore 2010; First Render Image

Cili Red

Salam. I called it P2 Viva Alphard. The model structure, especially the side profile was derived from Daihatsu Cuore 2010. (Not from Malaysian P2 Viva). Added some fluid design as seen on Hyundai, to make new feelings and modern. The headlamp is totally copied from Toyota alphard MPV. While the wheels were taken from Proton’s EMAS.

This was rendered using Mental Ray with Photometric Exposure Control. Coupled with photometric lighting and a white colored self-illuminate panel.

Lets take a look on the model.