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Proton Inspira 2010 3d model 3ds Max

Salam. Another 3d work from me. That is Proton Inspira 2010. The model that derived (facelifted) from Mitsubishi Lancer.

What are the differences between Lancer and Inspira? Actually for me as a 3d modeller, there are numbers of different body part that forced me to restyle and to redesign. The front bumper/front end is the most difficult part to work with. To be honest, Inspira front end is harder to produce than tha Lancer’s.

The Inspira above is prepared as 1.8E non-premium variant as it does not have additional front skirt.

Photos will show some of my render using Mental Ray, Ambient Occlusion and some sunlight/daylight setting. Thanks..


Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution X 3d model 3DS Max (WIP) Part 2


Update on my Lancer Evolution X 3d model. I just complete my first render. This time I use grey background instead of white.  As you will see the rear diffuser and front engine hood are not finished yet. Here comes the render photo. Isoline wire render photo are also included.

Happy Ramadhan Al-Mubaraq to all Muslim out there..Thanks