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New Proton Persona R P321A : Latest Render 3ds Max

Updates (6 November 2011)

More photos of New Proton P321A 2012 added in the gallery.

Salam. Here comes the latest render of my ‘own’ Proton P321A 2012. Built with new grill design – inspired from Toyota Camry multiple wings grill, redesigned front bumper – honeycomb everywhere, and a revised design of rear combination light.

Happy Eidul Adha.


Renault 4ever by fridzmax and partner

My first ever modeling project held with a local industrial designer. This project was initiated to participate in Renault 4Ever design contest held by Designboom in collaboration with Renault. The contest were judged by Head of Renault Design Department, Ellen Macarthur Foundation, Wowwow Foundation Agency and Chief Editor of Designboom.

Let see some of the shortlisted design and of course the winner of Renault 4Ever. Click – Designboom Renault 4Ever Result

Anyway, we don’t manage to get shortlisted. Strong competition among 3273 designers worldwide. Despite, big thanks to my partner for getting me to the spirit of competition.

Proton Saga FL Iswara II 2011 3d model by Fridzmax

Salam..The new Saga is finished. For this time, I try to make small revolution on present Proton Saga FL 2011 and to unveil the legendary of the first Proton car ever made. The 20 years old Proton Saga Iswara is then revolved to be a new generation Iswara under Saga FL bodyline..

Here comes the Saga Iswara II..No major restyling on present Saga FL. Only a small portion of redesigned front grill that nearly similar as previous Iswara. Added with 5 lugs, 16 inch 10 spoke alloy rim with twist-spoke like Kia Forte.

There also a set of rendered photo showing the regular Saga FL.

Thats all. Thank you..

Perodua Myvi GTI by Fridzmax


Here comes the new facelift of our future Perodua Myvi 2011. The Perodua Myvi GTi 2011. I am using 3d modeled honeycomb front grill for the the first time. Looks promising instead of using opacity mapping honeycomb pattern. Enjoy the photo. Thanks.

Honda City 2011 ReProduced!!!!


I observed so many clicks on some of my 3d models. Some of them were never been produced by the actual automakers.  I just trying to improve on my rendering skills and this time I am using new render setup using mental ray and matte shadow application.

So for today, I show you my the ‘never been produced’  Honda City 2011 and Proton Exora FL European Mode 2011. Thanks

Proton Modello Nuovo by Fridzmax in 3ds Max

Salam. The first ever ‘finished product’ from Fridzmax. I called it Modello Nuovo. A cross type vehicle in supermini segment. Wait for the full review.

Proton Exora as an MPV – Multi Purpose Vehicle

Salam. As we know, Proton Exora was announced as First Malaysian MPV (Multi-Purpose Vehicle) by Perusahaan Otomobil Nasional (Proton). Instead of being use as 7 people career, (most Malaysian people will sit for only 4 persons), there are several way to use this Exora. There are;

1. A Taxicab

With sliding rear door, passenger can easily move in and out from this Exora. Additional luggage storage area beside the taxi driver, stainless steel hanging bar, LCD information display (maybe for taxi fee display) and a panoramic roof.

2. Pest Control Service/ Utility Service Vehicle

No adjustment was made for this Exora. But, the rear window has been substituted with panel. This utility vehicle can be very agile and handy if equipped with turbo engine. (I am thinking about Domino delivery van. Turbo engine, faster pizza delivery. huhu)

3. Posto Van

Parcel delivery will be eased with this Exora. The flat top roof has been removed. Replaced with high raised roof for bigger mail storage. From door to door and city to town, our urgent parcel can be delivered efficiently by Pos Malaysia.

That’s all. Let’s take a look on the photo gallery. Thanks.

Honda City 2011; My Impression.

Salam. Hi guys. I am back with the brand new artwork of mine. How do I start this column? Ok, I called this as a B-segment car with C-segment characteristics. Initiated from Hyrax Sketches (refer) and with some modification, I derived it in different way and try to find my own identity. Btw, thanks to Firdaus Hyrax.

This model actually was derived from multiple car design. There are Proton Emas, Audi TT 2008, Honda Civic FD2 and Hyrax Concept Design. But for this model, I named it as Honda City 2011. Because, I saw Honda City in certain of view. Huhu.

Lets take a look on the model.

The Type R version equipped with Audi R8 Spider sport rim and Mitsubishi Evo X rear spoiler.

Material testing trial render.

Rally Ypres Belgium 2010 Edition. Using Skoda Motorsport body sticker.

Okay, see you again.

Proton Persona Estate

This car is never been exist in real life. What you are going to see is a ‘mixture of chemicals reaction’. From a piece of spline, drawn on the white background in Adobe Illustrator, transferred into three dimensional workstation and finally, voila…

Introducing the Persona Estate.

If you see carefully, you will see this  Persona has a big adaptation from Honda cars. You can see a mixture of Honda CRV, Stream and City model being ‘paste carefully’ onto the model. Shoulder line has been adjust to be wider as BMW.

The model actually is not finished yet. I purposely not to show you the front end of this car. It’s very awful. hehe.

I have made Brembo Caliper for this wagon. Look carefully.

Rendered in Mental Ray,
Pro Material
in 3DS Max 2009.

More photo of Persona Estate coming up next.