New Perodua Myvi Extreme 2011 : The design that Perodua can’t ever made.


I am proudly present, the new rendering of my Perodua Myvi 2011, the  Myvi Pure Extreme 2011. (Haha, just like incoming Myvi Extreme). The design that Malaysian car assembler Perodua can’t ever made.

This Myvi is designed to be more solid and behold the European feels. Inspired from my dream new Fiat Punto Evo Abarth 2011, this ordinary feminine Myvi  2011 turn to be a sporty hatch.

For now, I have rendered it into two color scheme; white and red livery (above) inspired from Abarth and metallic yellow (below) as you found at Renault Sport Megane.

The Wheels Design:

10 branched spoke from Fiat Punto Evo Abarth 2011.

Please note that all of my artwork are designed and rendered using 3ds Max 2009 software.

Please reply if you want this new bumper and wheels to be added as free download item.

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  1. Actually, this is more extreme that the P2 yellow short cab.
    More devil that the so call yellow extreme.

    • Is yellow can be determined as global color of taxicab? Hahaha.

      These rendered model is a proportion of my favorite Italian Punto. Personally, I am thinking why are most Malaysian people loved Nippon design? Is it nicely to see? Well designed? or is it based on brand perception? The Germans and French are indeed nicer and better designed.

      Thus, that is my intention to put into this Myvi more European looks, more solid and better designed. I hope, with the momentum of search query in the networks are more on Myvi Extreme, hopefully can interact more Myvi Owners to find these design concept and pulled away from ahbeng spirits.

      You can also read from the text; THE DESIGN THAT THE PERODUA CAN’T EVER MADE..That is very cynical..huhu.

  2. Hi fridzmax.. i’m interested to your myvi model. actually, i’ve to do an assignment for my poster advertising. and i doesn’t have enough time to do modeling of the car. can i use your model(.obj/.max file) to my project. i’ll claim that it is yours. tq 🙂

  3. bro, can I have full blueprint..means;top view,side view,front view and back view.

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