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Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution X 3d model 3DS Max (WIP) Part 2


Update on my Lancer Evolution X 3d model. I just complete my first render. This time I use grey background instead of white.  As you will see the rear diffuser and front engine hood are not finished yet. Here comes the render photo. Isoline wire render photo are also included.

Happy Ramadhan Al-Mubaraq to all Muslim out there..Thanks



Nissan Fairlady 350Z 2003 3d Model 3ds Max

Nissan Fairlady 350Z 2003 3d model is now on sale!!!

Please contact for more details..

(Harga murah, detail exterior, material excluded)

Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution X 2008 3d Model 3ds Max (WIP)


This month project would be..the Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution X. And there are another two models will be release together that are 1) Mitsubishi Lancer GTS/Lancer GT/EX and 2) Proton Inspira. Even the frame line are same among the three models, but the Evo needs special attention. The front fender, side profile, rear door, front and rear bumper, roof line are differ compare to regular Lancer.

So which model do you want me to upload? Lancer Evolution X or Lancer GTS or Inspira? Hahaha

Proton Saga FL 2011 3d Model obj file ready for download!!

The Proton Saga FL 2011 3d model is now available for download in .obj file format. Feel free to download!!!

Proton Saga FL 2011 .obj file Specifications:

(Ordinary Proton wing grill, Simple Savvy/Saga BLM dashboard with Satria Neo Steering Design, 5 lug 10 twist-spoke 16′ inch sport rims, Mitsubishi Evo Rear Spoiler, Front, Side and Rear Fancy Skirting, Side Door Moulding)

Obj file with over 550,000 faces, 39MB

Download link ->