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Proton Satria Neo R3 Initial Render 3ds Max

Salam. It takes hundred of times to render my Satria Neo R3..This is my first try working with background view, matte/shadow material, environment switcher. Never give up learning this 3d…Its time to finish my Neo S2000..thanks

Viewport photo..


Proton Satria Neo S2000 3ds Max

Salam..For the time being, I am working with my brand new Proton Satria Neo S2000 and Neo CPS. While the CPS version is still under construction (the front and rear bumper), after having searching around the web, where can I learn to make a realistic render image. At last, I found something very useful for my 3d knowledge.

This time, after learning something from the website, , I have made a set of render trial for my Neo S2000.

Scanline RendererThe above render photo was made using basic light tracer setup. I just add a Target Direct lamp, and a little adjustment on Bounces 1-2, Rays/Sample 300-500, and Color Bleed 2-3. Just bare in your mind, the higher amount you set for these parameters, your rendering time will increase.

The next render photo was made using default Skylight, Scanline Renderer. Looks so dull and noise everywhere.

Skylight - default

Satria Neo S2000 3ds Max specifications:

Editable Poly/Mesh in 3ds/obj file format.

Over 818k of total faces. (How can I drop this to 400k?)