Proton Exora FL 2011 (European Mode)

Salam. Hi. Lets turn our Malaysian MPV,Proton Exora to a new looks. A little adjustment have been done at the front end of this Exora. The air intake, front grill, front bumper, rear door, rear screen and its rear combination lighting. Equipped with new Nissan GT-R wheels and a set of roof rail. Its another facelift..hahaha

The idea was initiated based on Peugeot 307 SW. As the result, the local made Exora has a new continental feelings. Ok, See you again..


Posted on 5 January 2011, in Car, Mental Ray, Proton, Studio Rendering and tagged , , . Bookmark the permalink. 5 Comments.

  1. mantap. harap2 exora akan jadi camni.

  2. like the front. Kalau tengok2 balik, kereta nh mcm ambil design dari 5008 pun ada….
    Tahniah.. saya harap design proton ezora fl nanti akan lebih up to date..

  3. hey
    I love your cars
    i was wondering how i can make good headlights for my car
    please email me
    so i can show u some of my models im working on


    • Hi Philip,

      Which model? I am working with Satria Neo Cusco and S2000 recently..I want somebody use these Cusco or S2000 and render it on your way. The model are almost finish. Just wait and I email it to you. If you don’t mind, I want to exchange my model with yours, and I want to publish them both in this blog..

      Do you have blog?

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