Nissan GT-R in 3ds Max

Salam. Just to show something from my 3d store, the Nissan GT-R rendered using 3ds Max. The most challenging part are modeling the front fender and the rear combination tail light. Until now, these fender and tail light are still not pretty nice looking.

Ok, see you again.

It is available in .obj file and open for order now. Contact Fridz Inc. at


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  1. kalau tengok2 pun bukan senang nak buat.. tapi overall ok..
    and i know how difficult to build it….

    • Yang susah lama kelamaan boleh jadi mudah. Cuma ketekunan dan kesabaran kadang2 boleh turun naik dan boleh menjejaskan hasil kerja secara keseluruhan.

  2. jadi bro.. ape perkembangan projek2 terbaru yg disahut….

    • xbanyak projek bro. Baru berpindah pejabat. (Dahulu di JB, kini di Shah Alam). Jadi hobi 3d terhenti seketika.

      Cuma ada beberapa artwork sedang dalam sentuhan akhir.
      1. Proton Exora Euro (Continental feelings)
      2. Proton Saga FL (masih peringkat drawing line)
      3. Sedang mempelajari teknik rendering photometric yang baru…huhu

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