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Proton Exora as an MPV – Multi Purpose Vehicle

Salam. As we know, Proton Exora was announced as First Malaysian MPV (Multi-Purpose Vehicle) by Perusahaan Otomobil Nasional (Proton). Instead of being use as 7 people career, (most Malaysian people will sit for only 4 persons), there are several way to use this Exora. There are;

1. A Taxicab

With sliding rear door, passenger can easily move in and out from this Exora. Additional luggage storage area beside the taxi driver, stainless steel hanging bar, LCD information display (maybe for taxi fee display) and a panoramic roof.

2. Pest Control Service/ Utility Service Vehicle

No adjustment was made for this Exora. But, the rear window has been substituted with panel. This utility vehicle can be very agile and handy if equipped with turbo engine. (I am thinking about Domino delivery van. Turbo engine, faster pizza delivery. huhu)

3. Posto Van

Parcel delivery will be eased with this Exora. The flat top roof has been removed. Replaced with high raised roof for bigger mail storage. From door to door and city to town, our urgent parcel can be delivered efficiently by Pos Malaysia.

That’s all. Let’s take a look on the photo gallery. Thanks.