New City Car Illustration

Salam and Hi guys..

This is just my opinion on how Malaysian K-Car will be.This is also my imagination on compact city car but can sit 4 peoples. It can be spacious but small in dimension. Maybe it can be drive as family sedan car but funky and nimble if you wish. OK, lets talk about this car.

This is just a concept. Derived from the ultimate Fiat 500. The shoulder line is curved. Do you find Proton savvy curve? It has shorter rear and front overhang. Big 16′ wheels and very wide sunroof.

This model is design using 3ds max. Render 2 times as Ink n Paint and using Ambient Occlusion. Edited in Adobe Photoshop and you get my brand new fridzmax design direction. Thanks to my friend; Animous Archagel to be my super-tutor for these intelligent rendering techniques. Thanks.


Posted on 25 September 2010, in Illustration and Conceptual. Bookmark the permalink. 2 Comments.

  1. cute la design kereta ni..teringat kat nissan pivo

  2. wah dah guna ink n paint.
    ink n paint ni ade kelemahan sikit.. line yg keluar ikut border polygon. kiranya kalau kita model 2 3 line curve dlm satu polygon, line tu x dirender oleh ink n paint tu. kena byk guna detach utk seperate baru nampak lining tu..

    saye ada post kat blog saye setting yg saye gunakan utk AO dan ink n paint.

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