Proton Waja 2010: Mental Ray Photometric Light

Salam. Just to show the application of Photometric Light in 3ds Max rendering. This time I used D65 Illuminant for the headlight with adjustable color selector. And a 250Watt Wallwash from the template to light the whole area. By making the floor reflective, it make the result better. Looks similar to Vray but Mental Ray needs more patience and more try and error. Huhu


Posted on 23 August 2010, in Car, Mental Ray, Proton. Bookmark the permalink. 5 Comments.

  1. bro..mmg cantik bro..harap waja r nnti mmg xubah mcm ni jugak

    • Saya perlu buat sesuatu keatas model2 3d saya akan datang. Supaya ia bersifat global dan tidak ketinggalan zaman. Chaiyok..(kawan2 tolong beri idea.huhu)

  2. wow..siap headlight dia menyala lagi.. 🙂

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