Proton EMAS in Mental Ray


Salam..Hey guys, I just want to share some photo of my rendering today. Lets take a look on my latest artwork done using 3ds Max 2009. The first ever Proton Concept Model, the Eco Mobility Advance Solution (EMAS).

I am still using the Mental Ray renderer on this model. But with a little tweak, I just get what I want. Here are some parameter that’s been utilized to get the above photo:

Body color and material:
1) The chrome parts, Matte Finished = Arch and Design (mi)
2) The body color = Car Paint Material (mi) with self design blue chessboard mapping
3) Lower Grill Cover = default color with opacity and bump mapping

Lighting Setup
1) I only use skylight and Scene Environment is turn on (shown in picture below)

2) 1 Target Direct Light with specific angle with Ray Traced Shadows and 0.676 Intensity.
3) and 1 MR Area Omni Light with Ray Traced shadows and 0.4 Intensity
Lets take a look on the light coordination. (picture below)

Render Setup
1) On the Mental Ray Render Setup tab, I use Lanczos and min=1 and max=16 Samples per pixel
(Picture shown below)

2) I turn on the Final Gather to Medium preset
3) I also use blank white mapping in the Environment Map
And there is other picture that I want to show off. Thanks


Posted on 16 April 2010, in Mental Ray, Studio Rendering. Bookmark the permalink. 4 Comments.

  1. wah..dah buat tutorial sekarang..menarik tu..

  2. Bro Campro, ni tutorial lebih kurg je. nak tunjuk camne setup render je. sekadar cuba2. bukan pakar pun. huhu

  3. studio lighting tutorial eh? bagus2.Tapi boleh ke guna Skylight dlm mental ray..?

  4. Animous,Rasanya kena pakai skylight jgk. tapi setkan shadow pada Ray Traced.Tapi xpernah pulak cuba offkan dia.Ni sebenarnya sama je mcm setting HDRI. tapi environment image guna plain white. jadilah mcm gmbr kat atas tu. Kalau letak plain black pun boleh, tapi kena pandai main lighting laa.Anyway thanks bro.Nak prepare teknik buat tyre lepas nih.

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