Nov 2009 Perodua Alza Cross Wagon Concept

As Perodua introduce its new model line up tomorrow, 23rd Nov 2009, I bring you this concept just to share what’s going on in my mind. Just an idea to put variable functionality on this model. With a minimal touch and color scheme adjustment, nah, this is the 3D model which has been develop for just only 4days..

Yes, the actual car is Toyota Passo Sette and Perodua bring it as Alza. A car which can react as an MPV. But this is none of automotive blog. I will not discuss about that.

For this model. i try to create a minimal adjustment such as redesign belt line and redesign the front end of the model. Adding roof bar and play with the body color.

As a result, it looks european..haha.

Peordua Alza Cross Wagon Concept specification:

Editable Poly with 14224 polygons.
Mental Ray Renderer
Simple Daylight System
(3ds Max 2009, Intel Core2 Duo T6500, 4GB RAM, GeForce 105M 512MB)

Alza in Light Blue with grill arc.


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  1. wow..menarik tu..tambah skirting lagi mantap

  2. Bro campro, nanti saya tambah skirting. Memang kebanyakan model 3d saya adalah model asas.

  3. bro fridz,buat guna laptop ke bro? (sy agak dr spec).Bro mmg dh improve byk nih.. nampak mahal tu reflection dgn shadow. Grill dalam tu pun mantap. teruskan usaha bro~

  4. Yup..Aspire 4736G.murah tapi spec menarik.btw, saya nak buat artificial reflection.hrp bro dpt explain

  5. artificial reflection? maksudnya bro nak reflection guna gambar ke? kalo ini saye masih x brape pandai sgt, tapi saye pernah guna. Ok nanti saya buat tutorial. harap bro bleh tunggu.. dlm 2-3 hari lagi kot. busy la plak raye haji nih. haha

  6. bro fridz.. saye dh buat dh tutorial artificial reflection kat blog saye..

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