Mazda Demio in 3ds Max Layout

While waiting my final Mazda Demio render, I would like to share with you the 3ds Max 2009 interface. Now you can see the model development is only at the left side. But after using symmetry application, the both left and right side is built in a flash. The usefulness of symmetry application is to reduce error while developing the model and for sure to save our time.

The blueprint is taken out from the scene and symmetry is applied. I always locate my model at X=Y=Z=0 coordination. And the object gizmo is been adjusted a bit.

This is the box model that’s not been detailed out. Look like Proton’s Savvy a bit.

The mazda with default skylight render. I set the raytrace material for the body paint, a small amount of reflection.

Final render with energy orange. The surface looks very uneven. This may result from the inaccurate line and edge drawing while in the development stage. I use default render with mr omni area lighting setup.


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  1. WAHHH…. CAYA LA BRO…aku dah lama tringi nak blajar 3D ni…. tak mjadi2 ader msa nak gak tra blajar 3D…

  2. Sikit je ni..byk lagi saya tak tau…

  3. cun tu..try tambah skirting pulak pas ni..

  4. salam bro leh tunjuk ajar skit tak camna nak guna turbosmooth.wat la step by step.
    atau link web .budak baru belajar.hehe

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