Ford Focus ST 2014 and Opel Astra Tourer 2014 render.

Hi there,

While struggling with the delayed Proton Iriz, I have made some render on Ford Focus ST 2014 and Opel Astra Tourer 2014. It is a render image using different render technique that i have just learned. (Photometric lighting plus with studio light HDRI image)

And also the Proton Exora Turbo Baseline model. Now on sale from RM98.00 (No VAT/GST. Haha)



Ford ST 140115a Astra 140115b 101014 g

Proton Iriz 3d model in the making…

081014 a copy

As mentioned in the title above, and if the product appearance is positive and acceptable, also driven by high demand on Proton’s car 3d model, this Proton Iriz 2014 3d model would be rolled out on sale in this November 2014.

The model is still under construction. The exterior detail is only 70% complete. The interior, headlight and rear combination light are yet to complete.

I planned to introduce 3 variant which comprised the standard model (as found in the real Proton) and maybe a 3 door body type and a rally type.

Tentative price would be starting at MYR250.00 for the standard model.

Perodua Axia 2014 3d model?

Yup, the model development is also under construction.Hopefully it can be rolled out in the end of the December 2014.

081014 a

So, just stay tuned for the latest information in fridzmax blog site.

Proton Exora Bold CFE 3d Model on Sale

Iklan 210914

Proton Exora Bold CFE is now available for deliver.Those who are interested, this 3d model is now ready to be delivered at RM159.00 Provided in .max and .obj file format. Suitable for designer and student as well.

Other Proton models such as Exora (pre-facelift) and Inspira also available from as low as RM98.00*.

Proton Preve also available at RM159.00

Proton Preve 3d Model on Sale

Those who are interested with this Proton Preve, this 3d model is now ready to be delivered at RM159.00 Provided in .max, .obj or .3ds file format. Suitable for designer and student as well.

Other Proton models such as Exora and Inspira also available from as low as RM98.00*.

Preve 120514 b Preve 120514*Proton Inspira is available with Mitsubishi Evo X’s sport rim at RM98.00

New Proton Prevé 2012 3d model in 3ds max

Here comes the new Proton Prevé 2012 3d model in 3ds max. More render photo will be shown soon. Stay tuned.

New Honda CR-Z 2012 3d Model in the Pipeline.

New Fridzmax model line up will be Honda CR-Z 2012. The development of the 3d model is in progress. Here comes the ‘spyshot’ from the viewport panel.Imej

Update: 14 April 2012

The making of the wheel with Scanline Rendering procedure photoshot.

New Proton Prevé 2012: My Own Version

The Malaysian car maker, Proton is about to launch its all new sedan, the Proton Prevé. The numbers of leaked photos had been circulated around the net. I myself also put some interest by trying to build this new car in 3d since August 2011, just based on the camouflaged prototype which being tested on the road last year.

For those who are interest on this new Proton, the car said to be priced from MYR 65,000 to MYR 75,500. In the Australia, it is said to be priced from AUD 20,000.

Forget about the spec and price tag. I would like to share my ‘the so called Proton Prevé in 3ds max. Yup, there might be or for sure has a big different from the real one. It is my own version. Or I can say, this is my preference. So, lets take a look on the render photos.



Mercedes-Benz SLR McLaren 2004

Salam, Hi. It’s been a long time with no render image from me. Getting back to show something. This is just for warming up. Here comes the Mercedes-Benz SLR McLaren 2004. More projects to be revealed this year. Stay tuned..Imej

Proton Persona Espire Combi 2012 in Nürburgring 3ds Max + Photoshop

Hi there. Several render photo updates for my Persona Espire Combi 2012 (Impression) with motion effect, lighting and HDRI environment. The background photo is the real Nürburgring circuit taken by camera.

Nissan GT-R speeding on Circuit de Spa-Francorchamps, Belgium also rendered with similar method. The motion effect was take place after 3d rendering. Both two render photo has one similar problem. There is NO driver. Hahaha.

Proton Persona Espire Combi 2012

Hi there, here comes the new Persona Espire Combi 2012. It is redesigned from P321 platform and almost identical to the previous P321A render . This time I am using the Piano Finish Black AZ3, download from . Another render photo is the P321A equipped with cross kit. I think this cross model is not properly design by me. I will revise it later. Do you expecting Proton will produced this one?